Syria-ously, ISIS Won

Recently Trump said he wanted to leave Syria without having completely destroyed it. We usually like to create complete chaos in middle eastern countries, so letting Syria retain a semblance of a government is a big change in policy.  Subsequently, there was a supposed poison gas attack which may or may not have been done by Assad,  the guy who we were gonna let stay and run the place. We don’t allow poison gas even though its less lethal than conventional bombings because its icky and it was worse than conventional bombings were 100 years ago when airplanes barely worked.

Now we have done some more bombing and will probably stay there to make sure that meanie fights fair and only murders children with high explosives. No poisons allowed! People on the right are upset because they don’t like us getting involved in pointless “humanitarian” missions that don’t serve our national interest. Other people are upset, not so much because they disagree with the mission, as because they think Trump will screw it up and cause a nuclear war with Russia. Both these groups can chill. We have been more or less continuously screwing around with the middle east since the end of world war 2 when the UK gave up trying to manage the region. Its too much to expect Trump to be able to overthrow the last 75 years of institutional inertia and completely change the direction of US foreign policy. So the right should lighten up and let the Donald do what he can.  The people who are worried about world war with Russia should keep in mind that we’ve been skirmishing with them in that area for decades. We were fighting them in Afghanistan in the 80s.

So for me what we are doing in Syria is boring. Its what we have been doing in that region since well before I was born. What is interesting is who has won in this conflict. A lot of people will say that ISIS lost. They were gaining ground for awhile but heavy bombing by the major powers has beaten them back and now they have basically no territory left. I think that is a bunch of shit. As soon as the massive wave of Muslim immigrants got accepted into Germany then ISIS could have declared victory.

Now, supposedly the ISIS people consider Shiite Muslims to be apostates and hate them. They only like a pure, literal interpretation of the Koran and think any later modifications are a denial of the perfection of the original document. Maybe those particular people see the fact that they have lost their territory as a real defeat. But Muslims who are bent on long term conquest can find a pretty big silver lining. Now there are an extra million+ Muslims in Europe! And more are coming all the time.  Stability is not returning to the middle east any time soon.

There is also a backlash against the Muslim immigrants from people who consider them an invading army. This has 2 great effects. One is that it keeps the Muslims from integrating into the European society as effectively. That way, they keep their culture and have more of an incentive to fight against the foreign culture in which they find themselves. The other great effect is that the left feels an instinctive need to come to the defense of the oppressed minority. So now, in the post ISIS era we have a situation where half the political spectrum of the western world is devoted to furthering the interests of devout Muslims. They will fight any efforts to modify conservative Muslim cultures to fit better into more liberal western societies. Suggesting that women are not the property of men is sexist and racist now!

There is no end in sight to massive levels of Islamic immigration into Europe. Sure, at times the right will win and attempt to restrict immigration, but then at other times the left will win and throw the gates wide open. There is no end in sight to Muslims in Europe having a significantly higher birth rate than the native population. The projections are that in 30 years Europe will be close to 15% Muslim and at that point Muslims will start to gain a lot of political power in many European countries.

Muslims don’t have to achieve a majority in Europe to get their way politically, though I think they will do that next century. All they have to do is care more about issues related to the middle east than the rest of the population.  The right tends to be isolationist and the left is pro-Muslim, so if Muslims start telling left-wing politicians that interfering with the establishment of a caliphate is Islamophobic, they will listen. The Islamification of Europe will make the dreams of ISIS easily realizable.

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