In Praise of David Hogg

I see a lot of right wing people be triggered by David Hogg in general, and particularly now that he is cashing in with a book deal. Why?

What he did was turn lemons into lemonade. He said, oh it sucks that people I know got murdered but how can I get rich and famous out of this. That’s great! Will anything he says or does ever help to prevent a school shooting? Of course not. But that is not the point. The point is for him to take money from suckers. There should always be a constant flow of resources going from suckers to non-suckers. That way the suckers shrink and die and the non-suckers proliferate. David Hogg found a way to fleece suckers and he is going for it! That’s evolution in action.

This is the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that everyone on the right should celebrate. And it doesn’t hurt that he tends to turn off a lot of people on the left, and that gun control is probably a losing issue in the midterms. That’s just a bonus though. The key thing is that David Hogg is living the American Dream. He is using tragedy to separate fools from their money, and thus making the world ever so slightly less foolish.  He should be an inspiration to us all!

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